Banjima Trusts

It is recognised that indigenous people in Australia are in a unique situation of disadvantage due to a number of socioeconomic factors.

To help support our community, a Banjima Benefits Management Structure (BMS) has been created to hold and manage benefits from royalty payments by proponents, for the Banjima People.

These royalties are compensation for proponent (mining) activity and profits made from Banjima Country that impacts culture and heritage.

Through the BMS, a number of policies have been developed by Banjima representative and the Trustee to assist with BNTAC’s Strategic Priorities and Vision.

These include ensuring the Banjima People are healthy, secure and independent through the development of strong and healthy families, and strong connection to culture and Country. This also helps our focus of ensuring Banjima People have the capacity to develop and maintain economic independence.

To view a larger version of the BMS, click here.

To find out how decisions are made about what benefits you get from the Banjima Trusts, visit the Trusts and Fund Governance page here.

BNTAC's Member Services team supports our community by being a hub of information for Banjima business and by administering community programs.

Opening hours

Our phone lines are 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

You can contact our Member Services team by calling 08 9216 9888 or via email at


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