Banjima Community Elects New Trustee, DMC and Council Members

The Banjima People successfully voted in a new Trustee, Banjima Charitable Trust Decision-Making Committee (DMC) and Council members at a community meeting held in Porth Hedland on 11 - 12 July.

BNTAC's Board and Interim CEO would like to congratulate Australian Executor Trustees (AET) for being elected Banjima's Trustee for the next three years. The long-term appointment of AET — which won 90% of the vote — now gives the Trustee a long-term platform to assist our community in managing, distributing and investing funds from the Banjima Charitable Trust and Direct Benefits Trusts.

Congratulations also to newly elected DMC members Maitland Parker, Roddesa Mitchell, Charles Smith, and Vynka Mallard.

Many thanks to Banjima community member Keith Lethbridge for an outstanding job of chairing both days and keeping everything on schedule while managing some difficult discussions. Keith has very generously donated his Chair fee to charity.

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