Becoming a BNTAC Member

As a Banjima Person, you can choose to apply and become a Member of BNTAC which will enable you to contribute to the Banjima community, have a say and participate in BNTAC General Meetings and events.

As a Member of BNTAC, you will also be able to access the Banjima Charitable Trust (BCT) and other BNTAC-led programs that benefit the Banjima community.

In order to apply for BNTAC Membership you must be a Banjima person and at least 18 years of age. Member applications will require a signature from one of the Elders listed in the membership application form, before a final decision is made by the BNTAC Board.


      Membership Form


    Membership Process    



What are my responsibilities?

BNTAC Members have a range of responsibilities that they must comply with. These include complying with the relevant legislation and the BNTAC Rule Book, and treating other Members, BNTAC staff, Elders Council, and Directors with respect and dignity. Members must also notify BNTAC in writing if they change their address within 28 days. For more details on BNTAC Member responsibilities click here.

What are my rights?

Once you become a Member, you have the right to attend, speak, and vote at General Meetings, nominate or be nominated for election as a Director, and more. For more details on Member rights please click here.

What if my application is declined?

If a Membership application is declined, the applicant is entitled to appeal the decision. For further information regarding the appeals process, please contact our Membership Coordinator on (08) 9216 9888 or

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