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The BNTAC Team are preparing for compliance with WA’s vaccine mandates, which take effect from 1 February 2022. This includes gathering advice to keep Members as safe as possible while still holding meetings that are essential to continue business.

  • Our Member Services team has continued to distribute support programs to our community
  • A BNTAC COVID-19 Policy has been developed for the health and safety of our staff and Members.

Understanding the vaccination mandates to attend meetings, work, or support services.

To comply with State Government requirements regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, BNTAC has developed a quick guide.

BNTAC workplace means - Perth or Tom Price offices or other locations from time to time, including offsite meeting venues where the meeting is hosted by BNTAC.

  • There are no vaccine requirements for attending meetings remotely.

            -  BNTAC undertakes to offer electronic remote attendance to meetings where practical.

  • The vaccination requirements below apply to you unless you provide proof of a valid exemption, issued by recognised authorities or your GP in some cases:

           BNTAC recognises a COVID vaccination exemption certificate can only be issued in the case of serious adverse reaction or a severe medical condition. 

           BNTAC will accept a letter from your GP as a temporary exemption if your medical condition falls outside of a serious adverse reaction or serious medical condition.   

Please check the categories of groups and then the table below to see what you need to do in what situation.


1. BNTAC Staff. – “Staff” includes Members attending meetings paid by BNTAC, eg:

Board, Elders Council, Trustee Committees, Heritage Committees, Advisory Committee, Implementation Committee and any other committee or forum hosted by BNTAC or held in the BNTAC workplace.

2. BNTAC Members

3. All other visitors to BNTAC Workplaces

4. BNTAC staff, Members or consultants visiting communities or working on-country at the request of mining companies, ie: Heritage Survey, Social Surrounds, meetings.

Category Situation

Full Vaccination Required?

Vaccination certificate to be sighted?

Masks Required?
1. BNTAC staff, including committee, council, board members All situations within a BNTAC workplace Yes Yes Subject to current government mandates
Situation outside BNTAC workplace Must comply with requirements of venue / host and government mandates. NOTE: some hotels now require evidence of full vaccination for all guests before confirming accommodation. As above

2. BNTAC Members

Attending BNTAC Offices for support: - reception area only No No As above
Attending BNTAC offices – access to BNTAC office No No As above
Attending General Meetings of Members Must comply with requirements of venue / host and government mandates. No As above
3. All other visitors Attending BNTAC Offices: reception area only No No As above
Attending BNTAC offices – access to BNTAC office No No As above

4. On-country: staff, Members, Consultants

On-country/ communities, mine sites and surrounds

Yes Yes As above


If you have any queries, please contact us on 9216 9888 or send us an email

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