Indigenous Land and Sea Council - wants to hear from you

The Indigenous Land and Sea Council (ILSC) wants to hear from you about how they can help more communities.

ILSC supports the return and management of Country to deliver positive changes for Indigenous people, communities and corporations. They fund projects and activities that create outcomes which are valued by owners and managers of Country.

They are seeking input into the development of the National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy (NILSS), and are inviting people to attend workshops either in person or virtually.

One session was recently held in Perth on Whadjuk Country.

They asked the following questions: 

  • Do you need to own additional land or water to achieve your aspirations 
  • What opportunities do you see for your Country 
  • How can ISLC help you realise those opportunities and aspirations 
  • What do you feel are the greatest threats to your Country 

One of the big themes was more assistance needed in the early stages of an idea or concept.  Another key issues was taking advantage of new and emerging technologies - carbon farming and renewable energy.  But also just Indigenous people being able to get into established markets with their own small business.

More upcoming events can be found here  

You can have input via the following channels: 

More information is available at 

There was general information about the ILSC with respect to applying for their “Our Country, Our Future” funding and they stated you can apply if you answer “yes” to the following: 

  • Does your project involve the acquisition or management of land related interests? 
  • For projects that involve acquisition, are you an incorporated entity and are you Indigenous controlled? 
  • For projects that involve management, are you an Indigenous holder of land based rights, or an incorporated entity, or an organisation interested in investing in Indigenous-held land? 
  • Does your project have the support of the Indigenous land holders and have they provided their consent for its use? 
  • Will Indigenous Australians enjoy access, opportunities and benefits from land as a result of your project? 
  • Are you currently compliant with your incorporating legislation and any agreements you currently have with the ISLC. 

Some examples of ISLC supported projects include the Keeping Place which is an online system that protects and stores cultural knowledge.  The ISLC co-funded the initial project with Aboriginal Corporations and mining companies; sacred land in NSW returned to traditional owners; new home for Esperance Indigenous Corporation; renal clinic in South Australia; local Indigenous communities joining in with local industries in SA. 

Ideas that might align with the eligibility criteria of ISLC: 

  • Conducting on-ground management activities to maintain or improve the condition of Country 
  • Address urgent health and safety issues on country 
  • Develop opportunities for training and employment 
  • Enable or improve access to Country with cultural significance 
  • Commence or expand land based enterprise 
  • Undertake planning and or feasibility assessments 
  • Purchase land related interests 
  • Maintain, support and revitalise culture.   
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