Fires and Feral Baiting, Banjima Rangers Continue to Care for Country

July saw our Banjima Rangers undertake a number of projects in partnership with WA's Parks and Wildlife Service (PAWS), including one of the first trials of combined fire management - feral cat baiting trial in Australia!

Fire management

During the first prescribed burn of the year, Banjima Rangers and PAWS treated around 800 hectares in the ecologically important Fortescue Marsh (Manggurdu). This controlled burning is a key part of Banjima Country Management's healthy country plan and helps protect fire-intolerant species like snakewood and mulga from wildfires starting in the Hammersley Range and nearby mining developments.

Through this ongoing collaborative work the Rangers have been able to build on their fire management capacity, improving their offensive and defensive fire suppression strategies, traffic management, communications, and drip torch use.

Feral cat baiting

In early July the Rangers took part in one of the largest Eradicat baiting campaigns in the region, helping prepare and deploy 77,000 feral cat baits across 154, 000 km2. Cats, as well as rabbits, are widespread throughout the Pilbara and continue to pose a serious threat to native animal species and plants.


First combined fire-cat baiting trial in the region!

According to PAWS, feral cats will sometimes travel over vast distances to scavenge and hunt in and around recently-burnt country. As part of a trial that tries to draw out the feral predators from pother nearby areas, PAWS and the Banjima Rangers deployed feral cat baits after the recent prescribed burns.

“This ongoing work can help Banjima Country Management and the Rangers effectively plan, implement, and monitor important projects of fire and feral animal management that will benefit the Manggurdu,” said Banjima Ranger Coordinator, Rebekah Revesz.

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