4. Emergency Travel Assistance form

Please note that this form is part of your Healthy Living Project funds and can only be used for special circumstances, such as an unexpected medical, housing or personal situation. This form requires supporting documentation and will be processed in 5 business days. Emergency requests need to be submitted least 48 hours before the planned travel date.

For all other travel needs, please arrange your own booking, send us the quote, and we’ll pay it directly to the service provider.


Travel Assistance Form


Important Information

The Travel Assistance Supplementary Form should be used to provide further information to the Member Services Team on your specific travel requirements. This form should be used is support of a Charitable Trust application form. It is not a standalone distribution policy. As these forms can take up to five days to process, BNTAC will confrim the price of travel/accomodation with you before making the booking in case the price has changed during that time.

BNTAC is unable to pay quotes for online bookings sites, such as, Airbnb, and at this time. We recommend using travel agents such as Hello World Travel and Flight Centre, or booking directly with your accommodation of choice.

This form can be mailed to our address, submitted in person at our office, or emailed along with your Healthy Living Project application form and any relevant documentation.

Unaccompanied Minors

If you are requesting travel for a child of 5 – 11 years, and they are travelling alone, please attach an Unaccompanied Minor form. A travel booking cannot be made without this form submitted to BNTAC, along with your Travel Assistance Supplementary Form.

Please remember that urgent requests for travel can only be done in special circumstances. This will require supporting documentation and 48 hours’ notice. All other travel requests will require 5 business days.

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