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2.2 MIB Housing


To be eligible for this Housing Support, an applicant must meet beneficiary criteria as follows:

  • The applicant is listed as a Non-IBN (MIB) Banjima Beneficiary on the Register of Banjima People, in accordance with the Trust Deed.
  • Note; Daisy and IB People are not eligible to be supported under this policy.


Each beneficiary has an allowance of $5,000 per year. This can be used in a number of ways.

What is covered – (3 categories)

  • Rental Support
  • Home Improvements.
  • Home Ownership

Rental Support:

Payment will be made directly into the landlords, real estate or Department of Housing bank account as per rental agreement.

  • Funds cannot be used for boarding purposes without a shared house rental agreement
  • Funds will be paid as per the payment terms as agreed in the rental/lease documentation (weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis). "Lump sum" rental amounts are only paid where an arrears/debt is shown.
  • Members who applied for home ownership and were successful, will not be able to access rental support
  • Elders who are existing home owners can access a single contribution of up to $25,000 towards their mortgage repayment. Elders are considered to be 50 years plus. 

Home Improvements

  • Funds are for home improvements, repairs and maintenance; and on-going expenses of maintaining a home, such as house insurance, public liability and shire rates.
  • Funds can be used for mortgage repayments and paid directly to the lender’s bank account.

Home Ownership (First home buyers)

To assist and support members with home ownership applications it is possible to apply for an advance on the next 5 years of $5,000 payments due under the Housing Distribution Policy. This is to be used as a deposit and to cover costs such as insurance and other fees. This means that a total of $25,000 can be applied for in this financial year. However successful applicants should note they are not eligible to apply to this fund again for a further five years.

More than one Banjima (MIB) person, is able to be on the same title deed under separate applications.

  • An applicant is eligible for assistance towards the purchase of a property within Australia which must be either;
  1. A member’s primary residence
  2. A vacant block of land that will be a member’s primary residence
  3. House and land package that will be a member’s primary residence
  4. Building a house on vacant land that will be a member’s primary residence
  5. Banjima (MIB) People who are first home buyers.
    • Funds allocated will be deposited at the time of settlement directly to the settlement agent
    • Consideration will be given to subsequent home buyers based on personal circumstances such as divorce/separation. This will be assessed by at least 2 members of the DMC and the Independent using the criteria of meeting the policy’s intent of providing secure housing

How to show that you are a First Home Buyer:

The Housing Distribution Policy allows that $25,000 can be applied for in one Financial Year if the member is a First Home Buyer, and that the Home and Land you are purchasing will be your primary residence. There are two ways to support your eligibility for these funds.

Option 1. Apply for the First Home Owner Grant – for members purchasing an established property or House and Land package

To support your application to access these funds you can provide documentation to show that you have applied for, and been successful in accessing, the WA Government “First Home Owner Grant and Duty Concession” scheme.

This grant will only be approved if you are applying for the purchase of land with a house/residence built or being built on it.

For information on how to access and apply to this scheme, please visit the First Home Owner Grant website at the following websites: 

Information: https://www.finance.wa.gov.au/cms/State_Revenue/FHOG/First_Home_Owner_Grant.aspx

Application form: http://www.finance.wa.gov.au/cms/uploadedFiles/_State_Revenue/FHOG/FHOG_Lodgement_Guide_and_Application_Form.pdf

Living outside of Western Australia? Details of the First Home Owner Grant schemes in other states can be found here: http://www.firsthome.gov.au/


Option 2. Obtain the results of a Title Deed search from Landgate – for members purchasing Land only

To support your application to access these funds you can provide documentation to show you have not have any previous land titles in your name. The government department, Landgate, can assist with all land title searches that relate to you. The search and results are provided free of charge by Landgate.

To complete the search, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Landgate office in Midland located at: 1 Midland Square, MIDLAND WA 6056
               > They are open: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 4.30pm
               > If you need to call them their number is: 08 9273 7373
  2. You will need to take 100 points of ID (for example, a drivers licence and a Medicare card)
  3. Ask Landgate to provide the “Summary of Landgate Search” printout which will give list of any previous land titles, if any, have been held in your name. Forward this with your application to BNTAC.


This is a one-off payment, strictly no cash payments.Allowances

For the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019

 What  Beneficiary   Allowance
 Rental assistance, home improvements, mortgage   payments  $5,000

 First home buyers, deposit and purchase costs (up to   five years advance)

 Up to $25,000 for deposit, of which up to $5,000   can be used towards settlement fees, building and   pest inspection reports, and insurance. E.g. $20,000   deposit, $5,000 other purchase costs

 $ 25,000
 Elders mortgage repayment (up to five years  advance)  $25,000


Please Note:

  • Assigned funds to members cannot be rolled over into the next financial year and are not permitted to be transferred to another member
  • As per clause 6.7 of the Trust Deed, the Trustee may not provide money or a money equivalent to individual beneficiaries. Payments will be made directly to the seller or service provider e.g. landlords, real estate or Department of Housing.
  • Funds used for mortgage repayments will be paid directly to the lender’s bank account. It is not possible to pay funds into a mortgage with a redraw facility

Supporting Evidence Required:

  • Rental Support;
    • Applications must include copy of signed residential tenancy agreement from a landlord, real estate agent or Department of Housing with applicant’s name. Applications for boarding/shared houses must provide a shared house rental agreement.
  • Home Ownership;
    • Applications must include a written statement from a financial advisor or an accountant to demonstrate applicant’s understanding that the deposit is treated as a grant and may be subject to tax
    • All loan documentation identifying all borrowers must be provided with the application to the Trust
    • Applications must include a letter from the lender advising of a loan approval; or demonstrated ability to purchase the property, i.e. evidence of savings or other available funding (Direct Benefits Trust funding).
  • Home Improvements;
    • Applicants must provide a copy of their mortgage, title deed or rental agreement with applicant’s name
    • Under the Home Ownership category applicants are encouraged to provide a satisfactory building and pest report for existing properties
    • Applications must include tax invoice or quote with bank account details of the supplier, service provider or mortgage lender.

How to apply:

  1. Download and complete the MIB Housing application form (available here).
  2. Provide supporting evidence, such as:
    • Indicated as above for each category
    • Quote or tax invoice (includes the seller’s Australian business number (ABN), what is being requested, its cost (including GST, if any) and date of issue).
  3. Submit application by sending forms and evidence to Member Services by:
  1. You will be contacted by BNTAC with the outcome of your application.
  2. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can appeal a decision.
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