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Banjima People, a proud identity focused on strong culture


The Banjima People received Native Title determination in 2014 over their traditional Country, which is located in the central Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Banjima Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (BNTAC) is the Prescribed Body Corporate that holds Native Title on Trust for the Banjima People. BNTAC’s objectives include the maintenance and support of Country, traditions, lore, language and culture as well as the provision of economic, social and cultural benefits, including housing, training and education to the Banjima People.

The Banjima People’s Native Title Rights and Interests were recognised in Banjima People v State of Western Australia (No. 3) [2014] FCA 201.


About Us

The Banjima People are healthy, secure and independent with diverse life choices and the ability to determine their own future. The foundation is a proud identity centred on strong culture, community unity and effective governance.

Banjima’s strategic priorities encompass three core areas of creating strong and healthy families, the maintenance of strong culture and connection to country for future generations and ensuring Banjima People have a strong voice and access to opportunities that provide them with the capacity to shape and lead their own destinies.


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It is recognised that indigenous people in Australia are in a unique situation of disadvantage due to a number of socioeconomic factors.

A Banjima Benefits Management Structure (BMS) has been created to hold and manage benefits for the Banjima People. Through the BMS a number of policies have been developed to assist with BNTAC’s Strategic Priorities and Vision of ensuring the Banjima People are healthy, secure and independent through the development of strong and healthy families, strong connection to culture and country and that Banjima people have the capacity to develop and maintain economic independence.

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